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We are delighted to have 5 events in the upcoming Aspiring Geopark Lúnasa Festival 2022. Our Men of The Mournes tour provides fantastic views of the Mourne Mountains at a relaxed pace but without the need to climb any mountains. We have 2 dates for our Cloughmore Hike, a gentle stroll along the gurgling Glen Stream leads us to spectacular views over Carlingford Lough, this area wher the Mourne Mountains truly do sweep down to the sea are said to have provided inspiration for CS Lewis and Narnia. Our Stone Masons of Mourne Experience will take you back to a time when the Mourne granite was cut using hand tools before being transported across the Irish sea by sailing ship. Views stretch as far as the Isle of Man and closer at home Slieve Donard the highest peak in the Mourne Mountains. Diamond Rocks is a Tour where you will hear about how the Mourne Mountains were formed and how to recognise various geological features, we will meet the Mourne Wall and see it snake across Slieve Donard. Click the following link to Book

To check out the other events taking place in the Lúnasa festival check out the Visitmourne page